well baby visit – 4 years

last thursday i took davis to his 4 year well-baby visit. i didn’t tell him we were going until the day of the appointment because my child is a bit of worrier – mostly when you mention the word shot. on the way to the appointment, davis asked if he would have to get a shot. i told him i wasn’t sure, which was the truth. we got to the office and got called back. he was fine for the most part although he did continue to ask about shots. the nurse gave him a hearing test – passed with flying colors. she then did a vision test where he scored 20/30. of course, i immediately started planning his optometrist appointment and envisioning how my son would look with glasses. the doctor explained that 20/30 is average for a 4 year old and that they don’t expect 20/20 until they are 6. what a relief. she then explained that his height and weight are both in the 90th percentile and his head circumference is finally on the charts at the 95th percentile (although i am pretty sure they have it noted in his chart somewhere to make sure that his head measures within a normal range so that his mother doesn’t freak out again.) then came the time for shots – the doctor explained that he was due for 6 shots – 6 – unbelievable but that we could do three now and three in a month. since davis wasn’t even warming up to the idea of having 1 shot, i opted for the latter option. two nurses came in the room, one armed with the needles and the other armed with her muscles. i held davis’s arms while the other nurse held his legs. before the shots even touched him he screamed loud enough that i am certain they heard him 3 buildings over. in two seconds all the shots were administered and davis was angry. all the way home he questioned me about why i made him get these shots. the next morning, davis couldn’t walk. tracy had to carry him around the house. he did manage to go to school and somehow he even managed to go out to recess, but by the time i picked him up from school, he was walking like an old man. when we got home though, he found the strength to play on his swing set. but, alas, when tracy got home, his legs were hurting again and he couldn’t walk. notice the pattern here? so, in december, davis goes back to the dr. to get 3 more shots. i told the nurse that his daddy would be bringing him. let’s see if he gets the blame this time.

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