Silas (8 months and counting)

i am now in my last trimester – only about 8 more weeks to go. this pregnancy sure seems to have gone by fast. the whole thing has been pretty uneventful which is just how i like it. recently, i have had excruciating heart burn. it’s interesting, i can eat fast food and even spicy food and not be affected, but when i eat something like a banana or grapes or even bread, the heartburn is almost intolerable. not going to miss that come january. i think this baby is less active than davis. some people say that their personalities are evident even when they are in the womb. i have worried that silas would be the wild child, the daredevil, but if his movements are any indication of his personality, he may just be like his daddy – laid back – we’ll see.

obea threw a shower for me on saturday morning. i wondered if davis would be jealous when i brought home these gifts for his little brother. he wasn’t. when i got home with all my bags, he just wanted to look through them and see what new things silas received. right now he loves to kiss my belly and rub his face on my belly and tell silas he loves him. not once has he appeared/said anything that was remotely jealous. praying those same emotions translate when silas actually arrives on the scene.

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