Our 10 year old neighbor introduced Davis to Pokemon cards. Pokemon, I am pretty sure, is a card game where certain cards are stronger than others, therefore they defeat those cards. However, Davis cannot read the cards and doesn’t quite understand how to battle with cards based on the skill of the character. But, he does understand battle, so when he plays Pokemon, the cards stand up, dance around, and knock the opponent’s card out of his/her hand. Pokemon is a 3 D game for Davis – much more interesting and dangerous!

26 weeks

So, Tracy took my first belly pic this week. He took a couple of photos, my eyes were half closed, then the battery on the camera died. Poor Silas is already becoming the 2nd child.

At my doctor’s visit this week, I found out that I have gained 22 lbs. which I didn’t think was so bad. However, at school last week, the lunch ladies questioned me about my due date. When I responded, “Jan. 4th.” There sweet little faces took a turn for the worse. They were in shock and awe. The comments that followed were, “You are huge…You’ll never make it to January…Are you sure there’s only one?” I explained that I gained over 40lbs with Davis and that I was pretty sure I’d make it until January. Still don’t think they believed me.

I am feeling good right now, but for some reason I find it impossible to sleep through the night. I think it may be in part b/c we are not settled. We are still the condo, waiting for the new house to be finished. I can’t nest but all I think about really, is nesting. We should be able to move in in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that will ease some of my anxiety.

I did do some nesting outside, though. Patty brought over nine bales of hay yesterday. To the stacks of hay, we added mums, pumpkins, and gourds. It is the biggest and one of the only fall displays in our entire neighborhood. Since putting it up, I have realized we don’t have a copy of the HOA regulations. I am hoping that super sized fall displays are allowed.

Busy times ahead:
1 week until State Fair
2 weeks until we move into our new home
3 weeks until Davis’s b-day
7 weeks until my first shower
8 weeks until the Floyd Family Christmas Celebration
9+ weeks until all the other Christmas Celebrations
13 weeks until Silas arrives on the scene!