We are having another boy!!!! YAY!!! Sorry to all you peeps who were sure it was girl. I, for one, am very excited that our new addition will be of the male species. I love boys!

We had our twenty week visit a couple of weeks ago. Everything looked great. He immediately showed us his twig and berries then turned his back to us, put his hands behind his head, crossed his legs, and went to sleep. Already showing the personality of a boy as well.

I am feeling him kick everyday now. We saw fireworks last night and every kaboom was followed by a “what the heck is that” kick.

I think we are going to call him Silas Quinn Floyd. Tracy wasn’t sold on Silas until I recently informed him that Silas means “forest dweller.” Quinn is from my maiden name, O’Quinn, but it means “intelligent counselor.” So, if he follows his namesake, he’ll be an intelligent counselor who lives in the woods. Sounds like a good life to me.

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