My cravings with this baby have been completely different than when I was pregnant with Davis. At the very beginning of the pregnancy I craved Bojangles Cajun Filet biscuits with sweet tea to wash them down. I literally had to conduct a lot of self-talk in the mornings to keep myself from eating one everyday. That has since passed – thank God. Now I am craving Italian salad dressing. No, I am not drinking it straight from the bottle, but I do look for things to eat that I think could soak up some dressing – things like baked potatoes with Italian dressing and Italian sandwiches with Italian bread soaked in dressing. Yummo! I also have enjoyed eating Triscuits especially the rosemary and olive oil ones, while drinking soda. Soda is a bad thing, but it does taste so good with a Triscuit. We’ll see what cravings the third trimester brings forth. Let’s hope it’s something healthy.

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