New House

The new house is coming along, slowly but surely. Tracy decided to tear up all the tile in the kitchen – something we had intended to keep. I think once he tore out the countertops and cabinets, he found that he enjoyed destroying things. I started calling him the “Destroyer.” There was nothing left in the kitchen except the tile, so he moved right on to it. What he didn’t really consider was all the stuff underneath the tile that would have to come up. It has taken him and two other people (Paul and Brian) to get most of it up. Most of it, because as of today, it still isn’t all up. He’s been working on it for a week now.

David and Patty spent all day Saturday (last week) with us working on the house. By all day, I mean twelve+ hours. They helped with everything from scrubbing toilets to replacing doors to trimming trees to mowing the lawn. I don’t think Tracy and I could have gotten that much done in a month’s time. .

I have been working on the front yard as well as pressure washing the house. Patty started the pressure washing and made it look so fun, I decided I’d try my hand at it. It is fun and messy. It’s amazing how new a house looks when it’s clean. I also tackled some shrubbery yesterday with the help of Myra and Granny. Granny is a machine. She could outwork all of us. By the end of the day, we had removed 6 rose bushes and relocated three of them, gotten out the strange green ground covering plants and trimmed about 6 hedges, two of which look like topiaries now. Not to mention we loaded it all into the back of Patty’s truck, took it to the dump, and unloaded there. Landscaping is not a profession I ever wish to pursue. Serious hard work.

Hopefully, by tomorrow afternoon the floors will be done and we can work on re-laying some sort of floor covering, which I still have yet to pick out. Then the cabinets and countertops can be installed. Lastly, the painters will finish the rest of the house.

I had a meltdown on Thursday night because nothing was getting finished. I think I finally resolved that the problem was that I am entering the nesting phase, but I can’t really nest until we have a house that we can move in to. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end.


My cravings with this baby have been completely different than when I was pregnant with Davis. At the very beginning of the pregnancy I craved Bojangles Cajun Filet biscuits with sweet tea to wash them down. I literally had to conduct a lot of self-talk in the mornings to keep myself from eating one everyday. That has since passed – thank God. Now I am craving Italian salad dressing. No, I am not drinking it straight from the bottle, but I do look for things to eat that I think could soak up some dressing – things like baked potatoes with Italian dressing and Italian sandwiches with Italian bread soaked in dressing. Yummo! I also have enjoyed eating Triscuits especially the rosemary and olive oil ones, while drinking soda. Soda is a bad thing, but it does taste so good with a Triscuit. We’ll see what cravings the third trimester brings forth. Let’s hope it’s something healthy.


We are having another boy!!!! YAY!!! Sorry to all you peeps who were sure it was girl. I, for one, am very excited that our new addition will be of the male species. I love boys!

We had our twenty week visit a couple of weeks ago. Everything looked great. He immediately showed us his twig and berries then turned his back to us, put his hands behind his head, crossed his legs, and went to sleep. Already showing the personality of a boy as well.

I am feeling him kick everyday now. We saw fireworks last night and every kaboom was followed by a “what the heck is that” kick.

I think we are going to call him Silas Quinn Floyd. Tracy wasn’t sold on Silas until I recently informed him that Silas means “forest dweller.” Quinn is from my maiden name, O’Quinn, but it means “intelligent counselor.” So, if he follows his namesake, he’ll be an intelligent counselor who lives in the woods. Sounds like a good life to me.

Fun Day

As Davis and I were riding in the car the other day, I explained that he didn’t have to go to school on Labor Day. He said, “That’s not good, Mommy.” I asked him why and he told me that if you don’t go to school, you won’t learn anything. I promised him that on Monday, even though we wouldn’t be going to school, we would have some sort of learning adventure. I have to teach him that school isn’t the only place you can learn something of importance.

Game Night

Davis and Tracy are sitting at the kitchen table “playing” Cranium. Davis is drawing cards and “reading” questions to Tracy. Davis is asking questions like – How do you paint? How do you make a car? And my favorite, How do you eat your food? Tracy didn’t have an answer so Davis explained that you “get a fork and chomp it up.” Good times.