Adventures with the Boogie

Several weeks ago we went to the beach and took Davis’s boogie board. He spent most of the time just throwing the board into the ocean and watching the waves return it to him. He did his excited dance, the one where he sticks his tongue out, jumps up and down, and flaps his arms like bird, every time a wave washed his boogie board back to the sand. At some point he agreed to lay belly down on the board and let his Daddy pull him through the water. When Mommy pulls Davis through the water, I take him in water that is about 2 inches deep, just enough to get the board moving fast. When Daddy takes Davis “belly surfing” he goes into water that is 2 feet deep. Well this time, at some point, Davis got tired and let go of his boogie. I stood and watched as he fell off and a wave washed over my son. I screamed, “Get him, get him, get him!!!” Of course, I couldn’t jump into action, I just stood there screaming like a maniac, watching these waves wash over his whole self. Immediately Tracy flung the boogie about 3 feet away from him, jumped into action and retrieved Davis from the grasp of the ocean. Of course, Davis didn’t cough, didn’t even sputter one bit. He was totally fine. I was not – my knees were weak and my heart was beating completely out of my chest. I suggested we go build sand castles after that and got no argument from anyone. Later in the car, I asked Davis, “So what was your favorite part of going to the beach today?” To which he replied, “Falling off my surfboard.”

2 thoughts on “Adventures with the Boogie”

  1. You should have seen me the other day. I took a 360 degree flip in the ocean on an inner tube. It was not funny to me, but it was for everyone else. I guess he took a little of that from me.

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