14 Weeks

I went to the doctor for my 14 week check-up today. I met with the midwife who was all-business. After asking tons of questions, she pulled the doppler from her doctor’s jacket pocket and began to move it along my abdomen. She moved it to the right, she moved it to the left, she moved it up, she moved it down and alas could find no heartbeat. My heart rate accelerated as she said let’s go into the ultrasound room. I think Tracy and I were holding our breath as she readied the machine and me. We all breathed a sigh of relief when an image of the baby popped up on the screen with a perfectly beating heart.

After locating the baby, she then took the doppler back out and was able to very quickly find a heartbeat – 150 beats per minute, pretty high, but she did say that it varies based on the activity of the baby. As we got into the car, I thought to myself, I wonder if this baby is going to be the unpredictable one, the prankster, the one that always keeps me guessing and sitting on the edge of my seat.

One thought on “14 Weeks”

  1. i remmeber this happening with cannon. the girl left me and went to get someone else to find it. she was gone forever, i was BAWLING when she came back.

    with sutton she had a terrible time getting his everytime but it was because he would not be still.

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