Mother’s Day Surprise

So I decided that I would take a pregnancy test today since I had one from the Dollar Store underneath the cabinet. I got it for my birthday a couple of years ago. Tracy was outside playing with Davis so I went and dug around in the bathroom counter till I found my possibly outdated, cheapo pregnancy test and commenced to peeing in a cup. I placed a few drops onto the test strip and low and behold two lines immediately appeared. I stepped to the front door and called for Tracy to come up for a moment. We decided that maybe we shouldn’t trust a Dollar Store test, so off to Wal-Mart we went. Just like last time, Tracy purchased the one that the actual words appear in the results window. We came home and I eeked out just enough pee to wet the stick. About 1 minute later, the word “Pregnant” appeared.

We had been considering trying to have another baby, but I don’t like “trying.” I suppose if it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t want to be disappointed. Davis has been literally praying to Jesus for months now to “please let Mommy have a baby.” So here we are again – surprised by the fact that soon and very soon there will be a new addition to the Floyd family. Davis wants “his” baby to be a Leila – we’ll see what God has in mind.

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