Last night Tracy and Davis were playing Superhero and wrestling on the bed. I went and sat on the bed with them. Davis announced that he was Robin and Daddy was Batman. He then asked who I wanted to be. I said, “Well, I guess I’ll be Batgirl.” He responded, “Don’t you think you should be Robin Girl?” I explained that there was no such thing as Robin Girl. He then told me that I could be Batgirl, but I could not wrestle, I had to be a “spectator.”

First Doctor’s Appointment

I had my first appointment yesterday. We took Davis with us because we thought it would be neat for him to be able to “see” the baby with us. After waiting one hour, the nurse finally called my name and took me back to be weighed. I had not gained any weight which was a surprise to me since I am already working on a pregnant belly. After waiting for 1.5 hours (Davis was a trooper), we were escorted into the ultrasound room. The doctor asked if I was excited. I told her I would be excited as soon as I could see the baby on the screen. Because, yet again, up until the point of seeing the baby, I was a little concerned that I was just getting fat from all the eating. She quickly began the ultrasound and up popped a picture of a baby at 9.5 weeks gestation. I could not believe it – we could see two arms, two legs, even a profile. We also saw the baby’s heart beating – amazing. The doctor said everything looked perfect. After the exam was done, the doctor called us into her office where she explained that since I will be 35 at the time of delivery she highly suggests that I have two detailed ultrasounds in Charleston to check for defects. So, we agreed to have them done. In about two weeks we’ll have the first done with another scheduled for the 17 week mark. Our prayer is that this pregnancy along with the baby will be completely normal and perfect!

Davis’s Baby

We finally told Davis about a week ago that he is going to have a little brother or sister. Here’s how it went down.

We were riding in the car and I turned around and said, “Guess what Mommy has in her tummy?” Davis replied, “My baby?” When Tracy and I said yes, Davis’s face lit up, he let out the sweetest giggle, covered his mouth, then clapped. Needless to say, he’s very excited about “his baby.”

Eating, Eating, Eating

For the past couple of weeks, I have been literally obsessed with eating. This new baby is going to be addicted to sugar, fat, and salt if this keeps up. I read online that when a woman becomes pregnant, she only needs about 300 extra calories, I know I must be consuming double that. I have craved everything from cajun filet biscuits from bojangles to snickers bars and soda. It’s frustrating. I think about cooking and I want to gag. I love to cook. This is so unlike me. I think about vegetables and I want to gag. I love vegetables. This baby is taking over my body and I have no control anymore. I just pray I don’t gain 50 lbs. from all this eating, eating, eating!

Mother’s Day Surprise

So I decided that I would take a pregnancy test today since I had one from the Dollar Store underneath the cabinet. I got it for my birthday a couple of years ago. Tracy was outside playing with Davis so I went and dug around in the bathroom counter till I found my possibly outdated, cheapo pregnancy test and commenced to peeing in a cup. I placed a few drops onto the test strip and low and behold two lines immediately appeared. I stepped to the front door and called for Tracy to come up for a moment. We decided that maybe we shouldn’t trust a Dollar Store test, so off to Wal-Mart we went. Just like last time, Tracy purchased the one that the actual words appear in the results window. We came home and I eeked out just enough pee to wet the stick. About 1 minute later, the word “Pregnant” appeared.

We had been considering trying to have another baby, but I don’t like “trying.” I suppose if it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t want to be disappointed. Davis has been literally praying to Jesus for months now to “please let Mommy have a baby.” So here we are again – surprised by the fact that soon and very soon there will be a new addition to the Floyd family. Davis wants “his” baby to be a Leila – we’ll see what God has in mind.