Every night before drifting off to sleep Davis requests that his daddy or I tell him a story. We may have just read 5 books to him, but he still wants to hear a story. I am such a straightforward and by the rules kind of girl that I usually just tell him some old fashioned fairy tale. For the longest time he always requested Goldilocks. He has heard Goldilocks so many times that he can tell a pretty accurate version himself. He even gets upset when other children, including the ones on Noggin, stray away from the original version. He whines, “They’re not telling it right.” A couple of months ago, after becoming bored with Goldilocks myself, I told him Cinderella. He really enjoyed the story and here’s how I know. For the next few nights when he requested a story, I’d start with my Goldilocks telling and he’s say, “No, tell me about Sumbrella.” One night I told him about Little Red Riding Hood and another night I told him the story of Hansel and Gretel. He said those were scary and hasn’t requested them again.

Some nights, I don’t get to be the story teller. Some nights when Davis really wants some action, he asks for his daddy to tell him a story. Those stories don’t follow the plot of any of the fairy tales I’ve ever heard. Sometimes his stories lead Davis on fantastic journeys with hobbits – specifically Bilbo Baggins. Other nights, Davis follows Alexander down trapdoors located under slides at the playground.

At the end of the day, I’m just glad that our child loves a good story –

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