Every night before drifting off to sleep Davis requests that his daddy or I tell him a story. We may have just read 5 books to him, but he still wants to hear a story. I am such a straightforward and by the rules kind of girl that I usually just tell him some old fashioned fairy tale. For the longest time he always requested Goldilocks. He has heard Goldilocks so many times that he can tell a pretty accurate version himself. He even gets upset when other children, including the ones on Noggin, stray away from the original version. He whines, “They’re not telling it right.” A couple of months ago, after becoming bored with Goldilocks myself, I told him Cinderella. He really enjoyed the story and here’s how I know. For the next few nights when he requested a story, I’d start with my Goldilocks telling and he’s say, “No, tell me about Sumbrella.” One night I told him about Little Red Riding Hood and another night I told him the story of Hansel and Gretel. He said those were scary and hasn’t requested them again.

Some nights, I don’t get to be the story teller. Some nights when Davis really wants some action, he asks for his daddy to tell him a story. Those stories don’t follow the plot of any of the fairy tales I’ve ever heard. Sometimes his stories lead Davis on fantastic journeys with hobbits – specifically Bilbo Baggins. Other nights, Davis follows Alexander down trapdoors located under slides at the playground.

At the end of the day, I’m just glad that our child loves a good story –


Today when I was taking a shower I heard Davis in his room beginning to cry. I stuck my head out of the shower and said, “What’s wrong buddy?” He walked into the bathroom naked, holding two pairs of underwear. He replied, “None of these underwear work with my Spiderman costume.” I told him to wear the costume without underwear. He did.


Tracy and Davis are playing trains in the living room floor. Davis is Thomas of course. Tracy is playing a police man. Thomas is going way too fast. The police man stops Thomas and asks him, “What’s the hurry?” Thomas replies, “Please, please let me go.” The policeman then tells Thomas that he is getting a ticket. Thomas’ response, “I am taking this ticket and going to the fair.”