Round Potty

Davis has been potty trained for approximately 9 months now. He even sleeps through the night without accidents. However, upon starting his new school in the fall, Davis refused to use their potty. I explained to his teacher that he could be stubborn. She explained to me that he was more than stubborn, he was adamant. I asked her for advice on the matter since she’s worked with kids his age for so long. She told me that she had never had a child behave this way. So, for months now, I have tried everything from taking cartoons away to offering lollipops to get this child to pee pee in the potty at school. Nothing worked. He would even wet his clothes before he would use the school potty. Each time I asked him why he wouldn’t use the potty, he responded by saying, “I will use it when I turn four.”

Tracy, in his attempt to get to the bottom of this issue, asked Davis why he didn’t like the school potty. Davis explained to his Daddy that the school bathroom does not have a bathtub like ours at home and the potty is round while ours at home is oval. That tells me that either our child is really detailed and intelligent or absolutely anal retentive and crazy. At any rate, after hearing that conversation, I felt helpless in my quest to resolve this issue. I had pretty much given up.

But, just last Thursday, on the way to school Tracy had a bathroom talk with Davis. It must have been profound, because when I picked him up, Davis’s teacher greeted me at the door, beaming. Davis had used the potty, not once, but twice in one day. He was decorated with two “Terrific” stickers and rewarded with a purple Blow Pop. He also informed us that his friends gave him high fives to congratulate him. On Friday and today, he also used the school potty. Maybe I should have gotten his Daddy to give him a stern talking-to sooner.

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