One of Davis’s most recent past times is going to his underwear drawer, removing all 15 pairs of underwear and laying them neatly on his bedroom floor. He has all sorts of underwear ranging from Thomas the Train to Spiderman of course. He lays them all backside up so he can see the characters and name them. The other night, he was having trouble getting them placed as he wanted them, so he said, “Daddy will you help me place these properly?” After he has finished looking at them he picks them up and arranges them back in in underwear drawer. On Thursday afternoon, he and I were packing his bag to take to Grandpa and Nana’s house so I asked him to pick three pairs of underwear to take, so he picked five. I tried to explain that he didn’t need five, then I realized it was a losing battle and let him shove all 5 pairs into the bottom of the bag. On Friday, before we left to go to Nana’s work, Davis went in his room and checked his underwear drawer and found one more pair of underwear. I told him we had already packed more than enough underwear for the two night stay. But, he wanted to pack just one more pair, so I let him. Why fight it? I guess you can never have too many pairs of clean underwear. And, if he gets bored, he can always take out all his underwear and play the name game.

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