First Day of School

Today was Davis’s first day at his new school. He’s actually attending a home daycare this year. The lady that runs it is a Christian, about my age, and is super organized. She seriously holds class in her house. I love it! Davis has been ready to go back to school for most of the summer. He was equally excited this morning. Tracy was able to drop him and leave without a single tear. When I picked him up this afternoon, his teacher told me that he did great! There were a few things he did not want to do though. Apparently when she asked him to sit “criss cross applesauce” he quickly informed her that he “did not want to.” He also did not want to go potty, blow his nose, nor did he want to eat all of his lunch. He did, however, want milk in his Cheerios. Tonight before bed, I explained that if his teacher asked him to do something, he should do it. He wanted to know why, of course. I explained that she cares about him and that’s why he should do what she asks of him. He explained that he “didn’t want to.”

Melanoma Continued

I have my stitches out from my surgery. I went in with a list of questions. The doctor now thinks I am crazy. I told him he had no idea how my mind works. He answered all my questions then told me that he would be willing to be a million dollars that I would die of something other than melanoma. I informed him that it would probably be heart attack that took me out – from worrying about the melanoma.

In short, the mole was less than half a mm thick and all the surrounding tissue that he removed was free of cancer cells. The cure rate is in the upper 90th percent. I still have to be very diligent about checking for other suspicious moles because I more likely to develop another one. Scary stuff.

I hope my little experience has encouraged everyone I know to wear sunscreen. I don’t have a history of melanoma in my family, so honestly, I hadn’t really considered that I would develop it. But, thanks to all my early tanning and extreme sun exposure including many visits to the tanning bed as a teenager, melanoma is now a part of my life. If you haven’t been to the dermatologist, schedule your appointment and just get checked. It really could save your life.