“I want a surfboard, Daddy!!!” “I want a surfboard!!!” This was Davis’s demand a few weeks ago. One Sunday evening, the three of us went for a walk on the pier where we were able to watch several surfers catching some waves. Davis was mesmerized. We went home and didn’t think anymore about these surfers. Correction…Tracy and I didn’t think anymore about them, however, Davis had apparently not stopped thinking about them. A few days later, Tracy entered the house after work and was greeted by Davis throwing himself onto the kitchen floor crying real tears and yelling out his demands for a surfboard.

I saw this as an opportunity. I explained to Davis that in order to ride a surfboard you have to be “big and strong.” I further explained that in order to get “big and strong” one has to eat lots and lots of green stuff. Over the past few weeks, Davis has eaten more broccoli, peas, and even green beans than he ever has. Last night he ate some cous cous, which I know is not green but is still very good for you. This morning he informed me that cous cous helps you get big and strong too!

As a precursor to the surfboard, Tracy and I showed him some boogie boards which he shortened to “boogies.” We figured this new toy would appease him until it came time to really talk about buying a genuine surfboard. Well, Auntie Kim came over and had in her possession a “boogie.” She’s working really hard to be the favorite auntie. She gave Davis his new “boogie.” He immediately tossed it onto the floor and hopped on ready to ride in on the imaginary giant wave. He has done this over and over and over. Interestingly enough, recently he has decided that it is imperative to clean/wax his “boogie.” (He has never seen anyone do this). So, after he is finished riding his “boogie,” he heads into his room, grabs a wipe, and commences to cleaning his board. We have yet to actually take it to the beach, but I am certain that it will be a sight to behold – this two year old demanding to ride his “boogie” independently, then freaking out when out of the water it becomes covered with sand.

Again, I am sure that God is looking down on this and smirking. I have an unrelenting fear of the water, especially the ocean. But, alas, I am being forced to confront that fear as well.