I hate sand. I don’t know at what point I started hating sand, but it was early on. In high school, when we went to the beach, I took every precaution to avoid getting sand on me. But, once again, a child changes everything…

After spending probably an hour jumping in the waves, I wrestled Davis out of the water and we headed to our beach blanket. I was careful to keep my sandy feet off the blanket, while Davis just stomped right onto it, not knowing sand etiquette. I tried to stop him, but he was already plowing right on through. I started to get a little frustrated, then finally just gave up and let him dance around the blanket with his sand-covered feet. I sat there wondering what we were going to do now that we were out of the water. There’s basically two things you can do at the beach, play in the water or play in the sand. After some serious thought, I stood up from my sandy blanket and headed to the wet sand, Davis tagging right along. When I had found a good spot, I plopped myself right down with reckless abandon. I began digging my fingers into the grainy substance, letting it cover my hands and bury under my fingernails. I watched Davis as he did the same. I picked up handfuls and covered my feet and his. I sat as he kicked it off and the sand splatted on my legs and arms. We sat and made dribble castles and knocked them over and started again. We dug deep for hidden shells worthy of being thrown into the ocean. The sand and I were one. I sat and watched my child and thought about how much a person can change you. How a child can change you. How he can make you experience life completely differently. All of a sudden, it wasn’t about sand anymore, it was about enjoying every second of every minute, living deeply, not worrying about being uncomfortable, but diving in whole hog. I sat there covered in sand, staring at my child and watched him grow up right before my eyes and decided that never again would I let things like being uncomfortable or being too tired or scared make me miss the joy of experiencing Davis and the joy of discovery and the beauty of sand…

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  1. It is moments like this that make us realize what life is really all about. Thank you for slowing down for Davis. You are an awesome mom!!

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