Candy – Give me some NOW!

Everyday at naptime, Davis and I have a routine. I place him in his crib and he asks for candy and pretzels. I go into the kitchen and retrieve a one cup measuring cup (he calls it a raisin cup). I place about three pretzels and one piece of chocolate into it, fill up the sippy cup and place it into his crib beside him. Then I turn on the adjoining bathroom light (another request) and walk out of the room. Usually, I don’t hear another peep. Everything is great as long as nothing interrupts this delicate procedure. However, a few days ago, Davis pooped after consuming his bedtime snack, so I was paged to come “change my poopy, Mommy.” Oh no, I thought, this is not good…now the routine is going to be off…we may be in danger of not taking a nap. So, after changing his diaper, new requests started to formulate – Read a book, Mommy. Hold you. I want to sit with you a minute. I did all these things, then resorted to giving him more candy – just one more piece. It wouldn’t hurt. I needed to get this whole nap thing back onto our regular program. He laid down in his crib and I added another small piece of candy to the “raisin cup” and walked out of the room. In seconds, I heard demands start streaming from the room. First it was the “raisin cup” being banged on the sides of the crib. “I want more candy.” I didn’t respond. Next came, “Give me some more candy NOW, Mommy.” After that, more of the same, only louder. When none of this worked, my child started counting, “ONE, TWO – Bring me MORE CANDY!” This went on for at least 15 minutes. I sat quietly in the living room, praying, literally. I needed him to have a nap. Finally, the demands suddenly ceased and sleep apparently outweighed the need for “more candy.”

Last week was my spring break

Last week was my spring break. We decided to take Davis on his first camping trip…just for one night, to test the waters, see how he does. We left early Thursday morning and headed to the NC zoo in Asheboro, stopped at Shoney’s in Conway for breakfast. Davis ate a lot of sausage and bacon and powdered donuts! Afterwards we drove for about 3 and a half hours. Davis was an angel, no whining or crying. He entertained himself in the backseat and repeated over and over, we are going to the zoo! We finally arrived and spent the whole day visiting animals and enjoying the perfect weather. That night, we spent the night at the Hampton. We were all exhausted so I was pretty sure everyone would sleep like a rock. However, much to my dismay, Davis kicked and cried and turned sideways on the bed all night long. He does not do well with sleeping outside his crib. Uggghhh! I think I maybe got two hours of good sleep all night long.