Davis has reached the “why” phase. It started out pretty slowly, just a few why’s here and there, but now it is full blown. If you point out anything, it starts – “Why?” When you answer the first why, it is followed by another why and another and another and another… I try to answer most of the questions factually and honestly, but it just comes to a point where either there is no answer that is logical or I just plain don’t know the answer. This lack of a quick answer leads to one of two places – “Because God made it that way” or “just because, Davis.” Remarkably one of these two answers usually works…just until the next topic arises.

Tracy and I were discussing this phase that I am pretty sure all toddlers experience, and he decided that there are three plausible theories- either Davis realizes that he is getting our attention and a response, or he is learning about cause and effect, or he’s just at the age where he is a sponge and is totally curious about all, and i mean all, of his surroundings.

Maybe we need to teach him how to use google!

One thought on “Why?”

  1. oh no, i do not like the “why” stage. i babysit a kid that said “why” all the time. i told him he could never say it again. ha. i am mean.
    google sounds like a great idea.

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