I don’t usually use my blog as a place to post complaints, but today has just taken the cake.

I picked Davis up from daycare and we headed to the park to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. However, when we got maybe two miles from the park, my child projectile vomited all over himself and his car seat. We were close to Tracy’s office, so I pulled in only to find that Tracy wasn’t there. I frantically ran to the restroom and grabbed handfuls of paper towels. Jeremy was able to get a plastic grocery bag, and I commenced to trying to clean my child up. It was impossible. I finally gave up and headed back home. I was able to get in touch with Tracy and he met me there. I stripped Davis down in the parking lot and Tracy started working on getting all the contents of my child’s stomach off the car seat. After bagging up rancid clothes and wiping my child down, we made it up the stairs and I got Davis into the tub. I got him all cleaned up, Lysoled everything, and all was well for a moment. Yes, for a moment, because once he was put back together and happily playing, an explosion from “down under” left us with another catastrophe. I said all of that to say that I am so tired of all of us being sick. Thanks to the constant onslaught of germs from my job and from day care, at least one of us has been sick all winter. I am hoping and praying that spring will come quickly, that all the germs will be annihilated, and that we’ll be able to feel what it’s like to be well again!

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