Davis has reached the “why” phase. It started out pretty slowly, just a few why’s here and there, but now it is full blown. If you point out anything, it starts – “Why?” When you answer the first why, it is followed by another why and another and another and another… I try to answer most of the questions factually and honestly, but it just comes to a point where either there is no answer that is logical or I just plain don’t know the answer. This lack of a quick answer leads to one of two places – “Because God made it that way” or “just because, Davis.” Remarkably one of these two answers usually works…just until the next topic arises.

Tracy and I were discussing this phase that I am pretty sure all toddlers experience, and he decided that there are three plausible theories- either Davis realizes that he is getting our attention and a response, or he is learning about cause and effect, or he’s just at the age where he is a sponge and is totally curious about all, and i mean all, of his surroundings.

Maybe we need to teach him how to use google!


I don’t usually use my blog as a place to post complaints, but today has just taken the cake.

I picked Davis up from daycare and we headed to the park to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. However, when we got maybe two miles from the park, my child projectile vomited all over himself and his car seat. We were close to Tracy’s office, so I pulled in only to find that Tracy wasn’t there. I frantically ran to the restroom and grabbed handfuls of paper towels. Jeremy was able to get a plastic grocery bag, and I commenced to trying to clean my child up. It was impossible. I finally gave up and headed back home. I was able to get in touch with Tracy and he met me there. I stripped Davis down in the parking lot and Tracy started working on getting all the contents of my child’s stomach off the car seat. After bagging up rancid clothes and wiping my child down, we made it up the stairs and I got Davis into the tub. I got him all cleaned up, Lysoled everything, and all was well for a moment. Yes, for a moment, because once he was put back together and happily playing, an explosion from “down under” left us with another catastrophe. I said all of that to say that I am so tired of all of us being sick. Thanks to the constant onslaught of germs from my job and from day care, at least one of us has been sick all winter. I am hoping and praying that spring will come quickly, that all the germs will be annihilated, and that we’ll be able to feel what it’s like to be well again!

Food Cards


For Christmas, Davis received a Memory Game. Our friends Adam and Paola told us that their little girl Bella loved hers and was really good at playing it, so we thought we’d get Davis one. After opening it, we laid out some of the cards and showed Davis how to make matches. He got frustrated and scrambled up all the cards. Tracy tried laying them face up and letting him make matches. He played it that way for a little while, got bored, and scrambled up all the cards. Eventually, after other attempts at playing the game, Davis decided that he would rather categorize the cards…well, some of them. The only cards he is interested in are the food cards – the ones with the bananas, cheese, cake, cookies, and an apple with a worm in it (he calls this one an apple with a snake in it). He cares nothing about any of the other cards, but these food cards have become one of his favorite toys. He carries them around everywhere. When we leave the house on many occasions, Davis grabs a plastic grocery bag and loads it up with his food cards. When it’s bedtime, Davis says, “I want my food cards.” He falls asleep with them. He has even begged to take them in the bathtub with him. Tracy and I aren’t sure where the fascination with food cards has stemmed from or what it means. It could mean that he is such a genius that the memory game was too elementary for him and that he is laying in bed in the wee hours of the morning working on developing a more sophisticated game involving these food cards. It could mean that he is a going to be a chef and is using the food cards to begin writing a picture cookbook. Or, I guess it could mean the boy just loves food.