Once Upon A Time and The True Meaning of Christmas

Once Upon A Time

Yesterday I asked Davis if he had a Poopy. His response was, “I not have poopies.” Knowing that he doesn’t like having his diaper changed and is frequently dishonest about the presence of poop, I asked, “Are you telling Mommy a story?” To which he replied, “Once upon a time, there was Wage and Blue Puppy…” (These are his bedtime buddies which Tracy had recently made up a story about)

The concept of him telling a lie was lost on him, but he does understand what makes the beginnings of a good “story.”

The True Meaning of Christmas

Davis is mesmerized and enamored with everything that is Christmas. The minute he walks into our living room whether it be coming home from daycare or waking up in the morning, his first item of business is to point at the Christmas tree and say, “Turn it on Mommy.” After it is effectively lit, he stands on the bench or the couch nearby and just stares. He points out all the ornaments and talks about them, lightly touching them as he goes. One day I looked over to find him kissing each ornament that was within his reach. There are several interactive ornaments on our tree including a NASCAR racing vehicle whose announcer gives the details of a race when his button is pressed. A Star Trek “Communicator” has voices of Star Trek characters speaking sci-fi talk (Tracy would have to explain this one). Davis knows which ones have buttons and loves pressing them to hear the tree talk to him. At Tender Years (his daycare) the tree in the lobby is a constant source of frustration for me. Each day when I pick him up, he goes and stands by the tree and points at each ornament and just stares. The lady at the front desk swears she could place a stool by that tree and he would stay there staring from the time he is dropped off in the morning until I pick him up at lunchtime. I am convinced she is right. On our way home from school, there is a Christmas Tree sales stand that has a huge inflatable snowman. Once I have wrangle Davis away from the daycare and get him into the car, he almost immediately begins to say, “Go see snowman!” So, our child is obsessed with all the secular aspects of Christmas. Just last night we placed some presents under the tree while he was staying at his Granny’s house. His only other experience with presents has been his birthday where he has been allowed to open them of his own accord. So, I am not sure what his response will be to seeing these presents stacked underneath his Christmas tree. Hopefully, we can explain in a way that he understands that the presents are to be opened on Jesus’s birthday. Yes, I figure in some way we need to make him understand that Christmas isn’t only about gargantuan snowmen and stacks of presents and trees that live in the house and talk to you. So, our next task at hand, explaining that Christmas is about Jesus and his gift to us and his unfailing love. I suppose we should maybe start with “Once upon a time…”

3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time and The True Meaning of Christmas”

  1. Emma is 15 months old and will shake her head yes to “Do you want juice?” or “Do you want Mommy to read you a book?”, and she effectively shakes her head no to almost anything she doesn’t want to happen. Well, when she first started doing this, you could ask her if she had a poopy and she would shake yes or no. And she was always right, but since then, she has discovered that if she is asked about a poopy, the answer is always no, so she can avoid the dreaded diaper change. Even if you can smell her across the room, you can ask and she shakes her head vigorously, no no no!

  2. i thought i signed up to email updates apparently not. i missed this one!! so cute. i am sure cannon will do the same. he has always hated havinga diaper change.

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