A few months ago we noticed Davis was really beginning to enjoy cars of all sorts. he’d take the few toy cars he had and drive them around the floor making “vroom vroom” sounds. He’d drive them on the walls. He’d drive them on his mother and I. So, that’s when we decided on the theme for his 2nd birthday party. Race cars. Speed Racer meets Hot Wheels meets NASCAR… or something like that. Somewhere, Michelle ran across the idea to create cars from boxes… so that’s what we did. She immediately began collecting paper boxes and I started collecting all sorts of packaging logos… cereal boxes, diaper packaging, candy wrappers… anything was fair game.

Design, Build, Glue, Tape

Thanks to our wonderful families we were able to get all the collected boxes painted and ready to use a couple of weeks before the party. When everyone arrived we had them pick a box to decorate with their parents at the “Detail Shop.” Everyone had to have a driver’s license, so we also photographed each driver and printed out a custom license.

Ready? Set. Go!

What’s the use of having a car if ya can’t race ’em?!? We piled into the round pen (now equipped with large checkered flags) and everyone ran around and effectively destroyed their cars… great fun.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Raceday”

  1. Sorry Dalton couldn’t come he would have had a ball!! Thank you so much for his car….he wears it around the house. Love you!

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