First Day of School

Today was Davis’s first day of school (really daycare, but it makes his mama feel better to call it school). Originally, I told Tracy he would have to take Davis because I didn’t think I could do it. At the last minute I decided that I wanted both of us to go. I didn’t want to miss the first day.

We arrived during snack time…some sugar-laden generic version of Apple Jacks and juice. Davis had already eaten a hearty breakfast of eggs and whole grain pancakes so I knew he wouldn’t eat too much of this snack that I would never have in our house. He sat down at the table with the other 2 year olds and drank juice from a plastic cup just like a big boy. After a few minutes, Tracy and I decided to go. He didn’t even notice. He was observing all the new faces surrounding him.

At lunchtime, I went back to pick Davis up. He had just finished eating pizza and was getting ready to go back to the classroom. His teachers said he was great, didn’t cry at all, just took it all in. We walked into the hallway and stopped at the water fountain. Just when Davis had finished with his sip of water, his classmates filed by in a line. Well, Davis hopped down and fell right into line and headed back to his classroom. I grabbed his hand, reminded him I was there, and that we were going home. Once again he told everyone good-bye.

We stopped outside long enough to talk about the yard art – the ladybug, pelican, and gnome (Davis thinks the gnome is Santa) before hopping into the car and heading home.

I am still a little sad that Davis is going to daycare. I’d rather he stay home with his mama all day. But, I am thankful that he loved his first day. I know he will learn a lot and make new friends. A new adventure begins…

Bagel, Bagel, Bagel

Davis loves bagels. He swings open the refrigerator door and the first thing he always grabs is the bag of bagels from the top shelf. When I try to take them away, he screams and latches onto the bag like a crazy person. When we went to the grocery store today, I had to open the bagel bag in the middle of the store to stop his outrageous screaming. Sometimes he just says, bagel, bagel, bagel over and over. I attribute part of this bagel madness to the fact that Tracy loves bagels and Davis just wants to be like his Daddy. The other part of this insane obsession is my fault. When Davis was just an infant, I went to this used book sale and purchased several picture books, one of which was entitled Jalapeno Bagels. It’s about a little boy whose parents own a bakery and one of their specialties is jalapeno bagels. For a while now, many months actually, Davis has been obsessed with this book. It’s his first pick lots of times. He will sometimes walk around and randomly say bagel book, bagel book. He even attempts to eat the bagels from the pages. I think maybe Tracy instigated this little eating/reading activity.

I suppose the only answer to the bagel madness is to keep the refrigerator stocked or a 12 step program. I think maybe the bagels would be more difficult to give up than the bottle or the papoo.

Davis Says…

Davis says…

  • yes (to everything)
  • come on
  • hold u
  • hold u, me
  • light on
  • put make-up on
  • watch TD (TV)
  • play guitar
  • i love you mommy
  • daddy work
  • pees (please) and tank oo (thank you)
  • wadoo (water)
  • booger
  • bubble hand
  • nnt moe (want more)It has been interesting watching his language develop. He started with nouns and naming things – the other day he opened up the refrigerator and started naming all the items – now he’s adding verbs to the nouns. Such a neat process.

No, Yep

For the longest time, Davis answered No to every question asked of him. He learned quickly to shake his head no and then progressed to the word no. You would ask, “Do you want a snack?” only to be answered with a no and then he’d make a mad dash to the snack cabinet.

A couple of months ago Davis learned the word “Yep”. So, he began answering questions with either no or yep. Well now, Davis responds to every questions with a very articulate “Yes” with extra enunciation on the “s”. He lies, even though he doesn’t intend to. To test this, the other day, I questioned, “Davis, do you have a dog?” Davis very quickly nodded his head and answered, “Yesss”. We don’t own any pets.