Boston Top Picks:


1. Elephant Walk – locations on Beacon Street and in Cambridge

We ate at the one on Beacon Street. It was amazing. For our first course, we ordered these spring rolls which you wrap in lettuce, basil, mint, and sprouts before dipping them into this wonderful sauce. I wanted to eat them the next day for breakfast!

2. Ten Tables – Jamaica Plain

This restaurant actually has only 10 tables. It’s tiny, but the flavor is BIG! I had the best appetizer – seared baby octopus with kale all resting in this wonderful red sauce. It was divine. I wanted to lick my bowl. I also had ricotta ravioli. I am not sure what they had in them, but the pasta is all made in house. Yummo! Before we ordered, our waiter brought out a shot glass filled with sparking cantaloupe soup. A nice sweet treat!

3. Cuchi Cuchi – Main Street in Cambridge

This was by far the strangest and most eclectic restaurant I have ever visited. It was kind of a throwback to 1930’s cabaret… The food was all tapas from different regions of the world. We had an incredible skirt steak with chimmichuri sauce – just enough heat to make it memorable. And, the best zucchini – they were stuffed with serrano ham and manchego cheese then breaded and fried, sitting atop a balsamic reduction – oh my – again, wanted to lick my plate.

4. Upstairs on the Square – Harvard Square
Best brunch ever! I had Eggs Benedict for the first time. Rich and wonderful. My friend Teresa had French Toast. It was dessert and breakfast all in one – Heaven on a plate! After you order, they bring you this basket filled with all sorts of breads – sticky buns, muffins, scones – I love unexpected treats.

5. Mike’s Pastry – The North End (Italian neighborhood)
Best cannoli’s ever!


Tourist Attractions


1. Freedom Trail

There is actually a red path through the streets of Boston that you walk on and stop at different significant historical locations. We went into Paul Revere’s House, Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides), the Old North Church where the signal was given that the British were coming and several burying grounds. It took us two days to complete the entire walk, but it was well worth it.

2. The Duck Tour

This tour gives a great overview of Boston. We did it on our first day there to kind of get the lay of the land. You ride around in this amphibious vehicle while the guide gives you tons of information about the different historical spots and the neighborhoods in Boston. After driving around on land for a while, the vehicle then makes its way into the Charles River. Great fun!

3. Harvard Square

Cute shops. And, of course, Harvard is there. Old English style buildings – beautiful.


Getting Around

Do NOT – do NOT take a cab. It cost us $40 to take a cab from the airport to Cambridge. Bad idea. The subway or “T” as it is called is cheap and easy to navigate. You can purchase a Charlie Ticket for 7 days for only $15 – unlimited rides. Even if you are only going to be there for 3 days, it’s still a good deal. If we had been there a few more days, I would have just picked stops to pop up and check out.

We were in Boston for 5 days and could have easily stayed 5 more. I still want to see the Science Museum, Fenway Park, and take a ride on the Swan Boats. We must go back there. One thing I loved about the city is how safe it felt. In every neighborhood, there were people of every ethnicity walking around. We did feel threatened once, when a jogger came running up beside us and commenced to telling us all about the city without us asking. He started walking with us and giving us his own local’s eye tour. We tried to walk away, but he persisted. I was certain he was going to snatch my purse. Tracy figured he would try to charge us for the tour. In the end, he was just on his way home and decided to chat with us. Once we made it to his apartment building, he told us to have a nice vacation and went on his way. I hated that we were so distrusting. Everyone, was that way, pretty much, just really friendly and helpful. I think Boston is one of the friendliest cities we’ve visited…an unexpected bonus.

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