Beach Days

Yesterday morning, we woke up to a perfect outside day. Sunny, breezy with little humidity. An impromptu beach visit was immediately in the making. I called Obea and she agreed, so it was hurry scurry time. I got Davis and I ready, packed a cooler, blanket, beach towels and extra swimmies. It was all crammed into the car and we headed to General Dollar for beach toys, water, and sunglasses.

Finally, after at least an hour and a half, we arrive at the beach and met Obea, Ayden, and Rhea. Our beach day had begun.

We unpacked the cars and lugged my stuff and Obea’s stuff along with three kids to the sand. I thought back to my high school days when Kim, Laura and I simply carried ourselves and a chair to just lay by the waves and soak up sun. This was not going to be the same beach trip as those long ago.

When we hit the sand, the boys were more than ready to break open the beach toys and begin digging. They picked their toys, then wanted what the other one had and eventually began dumping sand into their large plastic, yellow bucket.

I had also bought those blow up punch balls that everyone used to have as a kid only to find out that they don’t really make good beach toys. They are fine as long as one holds on to the rubber band part and punches it. However, two year old boys see a ball or balloon and all they want to do is throw it. Since these balls are really balloons in disguise, when thrown, the wind catches them and carries them far far away. This left Obea, me, and the life guard chasing blue and yellow ball balloons down the beach.

At some point, Obea and I decided it was time to take the boys and Rhea down to dip their toes in the water. The boys had different ideas. They had no plans of simply dipping their toes in the water. When we all got close to the salty sea, they ran for it with reckless abandon. Obea and I realized this was not going to be a relaxing stroll through the edge of the water. We grabbed their hands as they dragged us out beyond their ankles, up to their knees and finally their waist. They giggled and jumped with every passing wave.

Davis eventually decided he was going to run down the beach and Ayden decided that if Davis was running, he was going to chase him. This left Obea, Rhea, and I running down the beach chasing two toddler boys. I was getting tired. No this was not the same beach visit as the ones back in my high school days.

At some point, after chasing boys down the beach and in and out of waves, I finally lured Davis back to the beach blanket with the promise of a snack. We made it back and Davis gladly consumed juicy sand-topped strawberries which dribbled bright red stain onto his “sufr” muscle shirt.

After more sand digging and wave chasing and sagging swimmies, Obea and I decided our beach day must come to a close. We gathered up the boys and Rhea, all our beach stuff and headed back to the car with a brief stop at the showers. Davis was angry when it was time to leave the showers because the child loves water almost more than food.

Back at the car, all the sand covered items, including Davis were packed into their places and our beach day ended. It was a success overall. We all survived. It didn’t even compare to my high school beach days and for that I am thankful!

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