Mmmm Yum

On Sunday, I took Davis grocery shopping. When loading the groceries into the car, I always have to take special care to only put bags of cans or heavy milk jugs beside Davis. You see, he likes to plunder through the bags and pull things out to munch on on the way home. On our most recent trip, I inadvertently placed a bag beside him that lead to quite a messy ride home. I was driving, taking no notice of Davis until I heard, “Mmmm, Yum.” I looked into the rearview mirror to see Davis with an entire six pack of yogurt sitting in his lap. One container of the yogurt had the foil top peeled off and Davis’s whole hand was covered in peachy, soy stickiness. He was consuming this yogurt with his only utensil, his hand. By the time we got home, he was covered in yogurt, as was his car seat.