Davis is now using the word “mine” quite frequently. I am not sure he fully understands the appropriate usage of it though. He does use it when you take something away from him, but he also says mine when he doesn’t get to do something he wants to do. For example, when he pushes the chair up to the table and attempts to crawl on top of the table, Tracy and I rush to get him down. He looks at us and screams, “MINE!” He also sometimes walks around the house, just repeating mine over and over. Maybe he’s declaring that it is all his, nothing belongs to us anymore.

I find it interesting that Davis is an only child and spends very little time with other children, but he somehow has learned the word mine. It must be innate, a part of our genetic code to walk around and profess that everything belongs to us.


Monday morning at 1 AM was altogether unpleasant for the Floyd family. After a fitful few hours of sleep, Davis woke up again, crying, this time standing up in his crib saying, “Up, up, up.”

Tracy went in to check on him and decided to take him in the kitchen to get a drink of water. I laid in bed listening and next heard loud splattering sounds. I jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen to find Davis and Tracy surrounded by Davis’s vomit.

Davis was distraught…Tracy was frozen…I was in a frenzy, trying to figure out how I was going to help them and clean up the adult-like vomit that was covering half of my kitchen floor. As I am rolling off countless paper towels, Davis stares at the disaster on the tiles and starts saying, “Guts…guts…guts….”

Now, I am pretty sure he wasn’t really saying guts. I think maybe he was trying to say gross, a word I have said to him many times. However, what an appropriate reaction for the situation.

18 Month Old Genius

Davis turned 18 months this week. At his well baby visit, he weighed in at 29 pounds 4 ounces (85th percentile). He is 34.5 inches tall (95th percentile) and his head circumference is a massive 50.5 cm (above the 95th percentile). She said it was because his brain is huge.

Davis also started taking swimming lessons this week. He has learned to kick and blow bubbles in the water. The first day of swim lessons, Davis was really excited about being in the pool with all the other students. The second day, he acted like he didn’t care one bit. He was terribly distracted and didn’t do any of the activities. He spent the entire time watching all the other kids. Well, he obviously is just an observant child, because this morning, in the bath tub, he laid flat on his belly, blew bubbles and kicked his legs. These are all the things he learned Thursday night, but had not yet put into practice. I have no idea what that says about his learning style or his personality. I am pretty sure it means he’s a genius!


Davis’s favorite word now is, “Nooooo.” Usually when you ask him most anything, he wrinkles up his nose and says, “Noooo.” He also says No when he is getting ready to do something he knows he shouldn’t do, like grab the tomatoes out of the fruit basket or throw food on the floor.


In addition to all the other changes in my life, I have also decided to sell Premier Jewelry as a sort of summer job. It is sold through catalogs and home shows. Basically, you agree to host a party at your house. Invite a bunch of ladies over. Have snacks, chit chat, and try on lots of jewelry. And BONUS…you, as the hostess, get FREE jewelry. I hosted a show at my house a couple of weeks ago and received approximately $300 worth of free jewelry. So, if anyone would like to host a show, just let me know and we’ll plan a date.


What a week. It’s been an emotional roller coaster. On Saturday, I put in for a transfer to a school closer to my house. After meeting with my principal, meeting with the principal at the other school, and much stress, it is official, I will be teaching at Forestbrook Elementary next school year. It wasn’t an easy decision. I have been teaching at Homewood Elementary for 10 years. I grew up there. It’s kind of like your best pair of flip flops. They are just part of you and you want to wear them everywhere and even though they get old, you just can’t seem to bear to part with them. That’s what Homewood is to me, a place of comfort. I know everyone there. I know the kids. I know the teachers. I know the parents. I am comfortable, but sometimes in order to grow, you have to leave your comfort zone. Just like, when it’s time, you have to get new flip flops. You still don’t have to get rid of the old ones. And, Homewood will always be a part of me. I’ll never get rid of it.

But, alas, having a baby changes everything. Homewood is 20 miles from my house, one way. Forestbrook is a mere 6 miles. My child will be able to attend Forestbrook and I’ll be there with him, so I won’t miss his awards ceremonies or assemblies or his everyday successes. I won’t have to drop him off and leave him on his first day of Kindergarten. He’ll be just steps away. And, with such a shorter drive, I’ll have almost an extra hour a day with him… times that by 5 hours a week…times about 40 weeks and I have gained a lot of time with my child that would otherwise be spent in the car negotiating speeding traffic and slow tourist drivers.

I certainly didn’t make this decision lightly. I prayed and asked God to make it completely and blatantly evident of the course I should take. He did just that. From giving me a peace about it, to orchestrating a series of chance meetings, to just taking care of all the details. So praise God that he knows what is best for us and is able to open doors that need to be opened and close ones that are ready to be shut.

I hate, maybe even detest, change (normally). But for some reason this change is different. I think it’s that peace…that knowing that God is in control…that He has a plan…that I am walking in it…that this time, change is best.