I hate change.

I am a planner.

I like to know just what’s coming, when it will be here, and what kind of package it will arrive in.

I don’t do well when life throws me curve balls.

I tend to get overly involved in what-if’s when I have to make decisions that could ultimately be the wrong decisions.

I examine every angle of a situation and then figure out the worst possible scenario and dwell on it, neglecting the good that could come out of it.

I enjoy being set on a path and walking or running down it, just as long as it doesn’t diverge somewhere along the way.

But, alas, life is change.

My path is diverging.

I am at a fork in the road and unfortunately, cannot just stand here forever withering and waiting.

I must pick a path and walk, run, sprint even, knowing that in the end…

change is best.

2 thoughts on “Change”

  1. But there will be things that remain the same…good things. And those things will follow you and stay with you…friend

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