Toddlerhood 2

Davis is exhibiting even more signs of being a true toddler. I have always loved toddlers, and people have always told me I was crazy for it. Now that I have my own toddler (who I love immensely), I can sort of understand a little bit when people say that the toddler phase can be a trying time.

In Columbia this weekend, Tracy and GUT allowed Davis to stand at the dining table, extract faux fruit from the fruit bowl, and hurl it across the room. They laughed, Davis threw, they laughed some more, until Mommy stepped in and suggested that this may not be a good idea. Allowing him to throw faux fruit may lead to him wanting to throw real fruit. They did make him stop, but much too late. The damage had already been done. At Macaroni Grill for dinner, Davis proceeded to pick up his pasta and throw it, then look at the adults and wait for laughter. Instead of laughter, his actions were rewarded with loud no’s and being pulled away from the table. Maybe, just maybe, some of the actions of toddlers are because of utter confusion about how adults react…

Last night, as I was holding Davis, trying to feed him, he slyly placed his foot on the table. I removed his foot, and he placed his other foot on the table. Finally, I removed him from my lap and stopped feeding him. He screamed and cried really large crocodile tears. I explained to him how putting your feet on the table was not using manners. I then picked him up and tried to feed him again. Once again, he sneaked his foot onto the table. I removed it only to find the opposite foot slowly reaching up for the table. And, so I removed him from my lap and placed him on the floor where he screamed and cried. I explained about manners and picked him up. Okay, for the third time, the child plopped his foot on the table. This time, I explained that it was bedtime and we were done with dinner.

So, I do love this toddler thing, but I won’t deny that at times it is a challenge.

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  1. I have read that around 7 months, children learn to recognize the tone of voice you use when you say NO. While giving Emma a bath the other night, she kept reaching for the little stand thingy we keep by the bathtub with toys, soap, etc. She would reach, pull, and almost send the contents into the tub with her. I said NO and redirected her. But she realllllly wanted to do it again, and again. My NO had no affect. Well, after the four or fifth time, my NO drew a reaction. Her bottom lip came out, her eyes filled up with those big crocodile tears, and she cried like it was the end of the world. Her daddy came in to check what I had done to the baby. I was laughing. I guess it’s not funny when a toddler does it…

  2. oh michelle…we are going to be there one day, and then you can help us through it. i was going to tell you that my friend alison has a 2 year old and a 5 year old and she is really good with discipline. i’m sure she has her share of hard times, but i know that when she says “no”, there are not a lot of chances after that. with her 5 year old, she says it once and if there is no obeying there is a time out or a spanking….usually a spanking. she said that it has helped A LOT! now, with her 2 year old there may be like one more chance. everyone has their different ways of parenting and you and tracy will do what is right for your family…you are great parents. i just wanted to offer a little advice on what she does.

    take care, and we can’t wait to see you guys again!!!

  3. Ouch! Tracy and Gut were thinking with the left side of brain again. Ha! !

    As far as the foot on the table, Davis will learn those manner as he grows.

    Sometimes as parents we stress ourselves over the insignificant things with our babies.

    Been there, done that!

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