Goon Ga

Davis is talking quite a bit now… mostly repeating the things we say. There are a few things he says on his own now. For example, when he is finished eating, he says “all gone” or when he wants to read, he says “book.” When we ask do you want to go outside, he says “Go?” And when we ask what do you want to do, he says “Do?” He has recently been sitting in his chair, pointing at one of his noisy toys, and saying “goon ga.” He says it over and over and over. We hadn’t been able to figure out what in the world goon ga meant until yesterday. Davis and I were outside, getting ready to come up the stairs when he pointed at the neighbor’s doorbell and said “goon ga.” Tracy finally cracked the code… he has been saying ding dong… like the sound a doorbell makes. Tracy looked at Davis last night and said “ding dong,” Davis smiled and replied “goon ga.”