Tracy and I love books. As a result, Davis has a shelf full of books already. Books that have been passed down, books that were Christmas and birthday gifts, books that are from yard sales. Davis loves to sit in my lap and listen to me read books to him. He also, when overtired, loves to take all the books off his shelf. He takes off one, throws it onto the floor, then goes into overdrive, unloading two shelves in mere minutes. Well, the other night, he was heading for the shelf, getting ready to start the shelf overhaul, but I intercepted him before the third book made it to the floor. I placed my whole body in front of the shelf to prevent the books from flying everywhere. This made Davis highly upset. He proceeded to throw himself, face down onto the floor. He started screaming, turned blood red, banged his fists and feet on the floor like he was possessed. I think the terrible two’s may have started…early. To make matters worse, our friend Marian taught Davis the word NO, so now, in addition to flopping around on the floor like a maniac, he also shouts NO, NO, NO when we take something away from him or refuse to allow him to do something that he wants to do. Welcome toddlerhood!

2 thoughts on “Toddlerhood”

  1. I think Davis is missing Joshua.

    The next time he throws a tantrum in the floor just turn on a little bit of EVERGREEN TERRACE music and if he screamsa and yells and starts jumping on his bed, that means he likes his cousins music.

    A little humor to get you through the day.

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