Nose Holes

Davis for some time has known where his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are. But, he never really contemplated those holes on the end of his nose – his nostrils. Alas, in the past week he has found them. They are fascinating to him. At times, I look in my rearview mirror when driving to find him sticking his index finger as far up his nose as it will go. The other day, we were stopped at a red light and I looked back and his index finger had disappeared up his nose, and he was looking back at me giggling. Today, Tracy said that on the drive home from Bobbie’s house, (Davis was delirious, he had not had a nap all day) he was staring off into space with his finger shoved up his nose. Such a boy…

One thought on “Nose Holes”

  1. Davis, Whatever you do, don’t stick a corn kernal up your nose, you’ll have to go to the hospital for them to get it out. I tried that when I was four.

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