Tracy and I love books. As a result, Davis has a shelf full of books already. Books that have been passed down, books that were Christmas and birthday gifts, books that are from yard sales. Davis loves to sit in my lap and listen to me read books to him. He also, when overtired, loves to take all the books off his shelf. He takes off one, throws it onto the floor, then goes into overdrive, unloading two shelves in mere minutes. Well, the other night, he was heading for the shelf, getting ready to start the shelf overhaul, but I intercepted him before the third book made it to the floor. I placed my whole body in front of the shelf to prevent the books from flying everywhere. This made Davis highly upset. He proceeded to throw himself, face down onto the floor. He started screaming, turned blood red, banged his fists and feet on the floor like he was possessed. I think the terrible two’s may have started…early. To make matters worse, our friend Marian taught Davis the word NO, so now, in addition to flopping around on the floor like a maniac, he also shouts NO, NO, NO when we take something away from him or refuse to allow him to do something that he wants to do. Welcome toddlerhood!

Nose Holes

Davis for some time has known where his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are. But, he never really contemplated those holes on the end of his nose – his nostrils. Alas, in the past week he has found them. They are fascinating to him. At times, I look in my rearview mirror when driving to find him sticking his index finger as far up his nose as it will go. The other day, we were stopped at a red light and I looked back and his index finger had disappeared up his nose, and he was looking back at me giggling. Today, Tracy said that on the drive home from Bobbie’s house, (Davis was delirious, he had not had a nap all day) he was staring off into space with his finger shoved up his nose. Such a boy…

Date Night

It is a rare occasion to actually got out without our child in tow. We take him pretty much everywhere we go. It is an even rarer occasion to get to go out with our friends and have everyone leave the children at home. Tonight was one of those times when the stars aligned, we found a sitter to watch them all, and we went out – childless – no bibs, no high chairs or sippy cups, no cheerios, no screaming, no dropped pacis, no rushing to eat our food so that we can hurry and get out before our kids disturb the people sitting next to us.

Adam and Paola, Paul and Obea, and Tracy and myself left Bella, Ayden, Rhea, and Davis at Paul and Obea’s house with a sitter who agreed to watch them all. Apparently, the sitter has 7 siblings and she’s the oldest. In our eyes, that more than qualified her for the job. After giving her instructions and cell numbers, we quickly exited the house, got in the car, and reminisced about the old days when we were able to do this at random.

After leaving Paul and Obea’s we headed to Miyabi for sushi. I had been planning all day what I was going to order, so it maybe took two minutes to fill out the menu. When our sushi arrived, we all started devouring our food like there was no tomorrow. After realizing that we were woofing it down, I reminded everyone that the children weren’t with us and we could take our time. So, we all took a short break and had some conversation while savoring every bite of our sushi. After Miyabi, we made a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts before heading to Surfside Bowling Center. We played one round, acted silly (Tracy actually impersonated Fred Flintstone), and laughed a lot.

As it turns out, Adam won, scoring something over 100 and Tracy and I tied. I explained that the goal was to get the same score as your spouse, so really Tracy and I won. Adam complained that I stripped him of his glory. Oh well.

After bowling we returned to Paul and Obea’s. The children and the sitter were all in one piece. No one was crying or out of sorts. It was great to have an adult night. Tracy says we should do it once every quarter. I am thinking we should go for once a month. We’ll see…

15 Months


Davis had his well baby visit today. His head is still extra large – above the 95th percentile. He weighed in at 27 lbs. 20 oz. putting him in the 80th percentile and his height was 33 inches, the 93rd percentile. He is now well over half my height since I am only 60 inches tall. Unbelievable.

Fortunately, we didn’t have any drama at the doctor’s office today. I didn’t freak out. The doctor does ask all these questions about having chemicals locked up, hot water turned down, etc. etc. I had to chuckle to myself when she asked if I had the number for poison control. Oh yes – I said.