New Developments

All sorts of new things happen daily as Davis grows up. The most recent development is that he is trying to repeat everything we say. The other day, Tracy said, “Cool.” And, wouldn’t you know it, Davis repeated, “Cool.” For his entire life, when I walk into his bedroom, I have said, “HEY.” Kind of southern-like and real drawn out. Now, when he sees himself in the mirror or walks into a room with someone he knows, he says, “HEEEEEYYYYYY!” Real loud, southern like, and very drawn out. Just yesterday, Bobbie, his baby-sitter, said he looked over at the computer and chirped, “Puter!” His pacifier is called his “pappy”- his version of paci. I told Tracy last night that it is time for us to begin watching what we say. Not that we say anything inherently bad, but I just know that I am going to say something, that when repeated to others from Davis’s lips, is going to be embarrassing. We are going to have to start talking in code or spelling. Although, that spelling, I have a feeling isn’t going to work much longer either…he already knows A, B, C, D, E, and H. It is crazy amazing how much he is turning into a little boy, and fast.

One more thing, he has 4 molars and his fangs are coming in. That will be 14 teeth!

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