Broken Pacts

My best friend Kim Cannon Corder chastised me when she received a package in the mail well over a year ago announcing that I would be having a baby. You see, we had this pact…no matter what…NO BABIES!!! Well, obviously, I had broken the pact. She cried and called me a traitor.

However, you know, friends have a mighty influence over one another. Once Davis arrived on the scene, and Kim saw that I could actually survive this thing called motherhood, she had a change of heart. And besides, the pact was already broken, so she thought, “What the heck – I’ll give this parenting thing a go too.”

Well, after nine months of pregnancy, Kim finally became someone’s mommy today. Cannon Thomas Corder arrived on the scene this morning weighing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce. Definitely not a runt as she had suspected. And, from what I understand he has good lungs.

I get to meet him live and in person this weekend. I CANNOT wait! I think I’ll give Kim at least six months before I ask if she wants to join me for round two. Of course, it will have to be a joint decision…so, we’ll see.

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