Underage Driver #2

Obea came over last Friday evening for a visit since her husband was out of town on an “alone-time” vacation. She called when she was on her way, so when I heard her bounding up the steps I went ahead and opened the door. Obea was breathless with Rhea attached in one of those baby harnesses. At the door, Obea was frantically trying to hand me Rhea while explaining that she had locked Ayden in the car. Well, that made for a very interesting situation since Paul was out of town and had the only other key to the car. We decided to start calling locksmiths.

Obea rushed back downstairs and I opened the phone book and began looking for lock people to come free Ayden. I called one company, explained that we had a child locked in the car, gave our location, and he said, “Uh…I am in Loris…I can be there in about an hour.” Moron, I thought, we have a child locked in the car on a warm sunny day!!! Are we seriously going to wait an hour???? I hung up, dialed another company. This guy said, “Uh….I am in Carolina Forest…I can be there in 45 minutes.” What?!? What is wrong with these freaks I wondered. I dialed another company and basically got the same response. Finally, I dialed the number for Pop-a-lock. A very nice young man answered the phone, said he knew exactly where we were located, and assured me he would be here as quickly as possible. He arrived a few minutes later and finally freed the underage driver. On top of his kindness and urgency, he didn’t even charge Obea. Apparently, that is Pop-a-Lock’s policy – if a child is locked in the car, they free them for FREE.

So, there you go, a second underage driver in our parking lot. Maybe our parking lot is cursed. Beware!

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