Petty Theft

My child is a thief.

This is how I know. Yesterday, Davis and I were in Aeropostale with Obea and Ayden. I bought a gift for my niece, JoLanna. Paid for it and everything. We all four walked out of the store and headed to GAP to visit our friend Paola. After a few minutes of visiting with Paola, I looked down at my child who was seated in the stroller to find a pair of very soft fleece pajamas laying in his lap. We didn’t pay for fleece pajamas. We paid for a shirt. I immediately left GAP (with my friends laughing hysterically) and returned to Aeropostale. I explained that my child must have plucked the pajama pants from a table unbeknownst to me. The attendant seemed shocked that I returned them. I hope this is not the beginning of a life of crime.

One thought on “Petty Theft”

  1. With a mother who kicks people in the shin, showing little to no remorse, threatening to do it again if provoked…little Davis can’t help his deviance 🙂

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