Well Baby Visit

On last Thursday, Davis went to the doctor for his 1 year Well Baby visit. The nurse came in and did all the usual stuff – weighed him (26.3 lbs. – 75th percentile), measured his height (31 in. – 90th percentile), and measured his head circumference (above the 95th percentile). After his measurements, Dr. Drosieko came in and asked all the routine questions about his diet, development, and overall well-being. We explained that he eats everything, can say mommy, daddy, eyes, baby, bubble, peepee, ball, and papa.

She then went into an explanation of his measurements. All was well until she got to his head circumference. She explained that his head was very large and sometimes parents got alarmed and asked for an MRI and CT scan to rule out water on the brain. She then said she wasn’t concerned about Davis because he was developing normally.

Then, she continued on with her assessment of Davis as if nothing had just happened. I don’t know what all she said after uttering MRI and CT scan because at that point, I went into super high alert! Finally, I stopped her and said, “I’m sorry, I’m a hypochondriac and you just mentioned that Davis’s head was too big and now I am highly freaking out!” She reiterated that he was developing normally and she wasn’t worried. I reiterated that I was freaking out.

To put my mind at ease, she suggested taking measurements of my head and Tracy’s head because most times, a large head is a familial characteristic. Again, she said that Davis was developing normally, speaking at least 4 words, walking, interacting, waving and clapping, so she wasn’t worried.

“Did you say clapping?” I asked. I then explained that Davis couldn’t clap. I started getting that hot, sick feeling because in an instant, I knew that something was terribly wrong with our child who minutes before was just perfect. She again said not to worry, that was one item on a list of many developmental milestones. Not being able to clap did not mean that something was terribly wrong with our child.

Needless to say, I don’t know what she said for the rest of the appointment, because by this time, all I can think about is that our son’s head is huge, he needs an MRI, and he can’t clap.

Finally, at the end of the session, Dr. Drosieko pulls out her tape measure, measures Tracy’s head and plots it on the growth chart. Apparently he has a big head – above the 90th percentile. She then wraps the tape measure around my head, plots the measurement on the growth chart and wouldn’t you know it, my head is huge too – above the 90th percentile. I felt a little more reassured, but that clapping thing still had me out of sorts. So, the minute we got home, I started working on clapping lessons with Davis. I did a demonstration lesson, then assisted him with clapping his own hands until finally, he could do it own his own. He was actually a pretty quick study. Now, he walks around and claps for no apparent reason.

I know that once again I have proven to our pediatrician that I am crazy. Surely, she has at least one other patient who is crazier than me…

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  1. This made me laugh!!! The clapping is very funny. Have you ever clapped with Davis before?? I think most babies “clap” because their parents do. But I am not mom so I do not now know anything. 🙂

    Tell her he can say EIGHT words not four!

    Davis is PERFECT! I think Cannon will have a big head too. Maybe that is why he weighs so much.

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