I One Years Old

Well, Davis reached his biggest milestone yet. He turned one last Wednesday. He’s officially a toddler. No more baby business. All grown up.

On Wednesday night, we didn’t do anything extraordinary. We opened his birthday letter which was from Norma, a teacher I worked with for several years. We pressed his one year old pudgy hand into some plaster of paris. And, because everyone made me feel awful for not planning to have cake on his birthday, I made Tracy go to Wal-mart. He came back with a Frankenstein cupcake cake slathered in green icing. We sat Davis down, lit his candle, blew it out for him and allowed him to dig into the green mass. He swiped his finger across the icing, retrieved some green sticky goo and sucked it off his fingers. He then tried to pick the cake up at which point it came very close to toppling off his high chair and onto our very light colored carpet. We decided that Davis was finished eating cake.

On Saturday, the official birthday celebration was underway. We had a good ole southern farm party complete with live horses, farm dogs, and all Davis’s friends dressed as farm animals. A gargantuan farm raccoon and kangaroo and joey even made an appearance. The kids all had a ball. They looked at the horses, chased the dogs, climbed on tractors, and ate dirt. What else could you ask for in a farm party? The adults chased the kids and ate candied apples, pumpkin and pecan pie, chicken nuggets, cheesy ham biscuits, blue cheese dip and carrot cake cupcakes.

After a little scarecrow building and picture taking, Davis got to experience cake for a second time. Tracy retrieved the two tiered cupcake and lit a candle while everyone sang Happy Birthday. Davis looked at the candle and grabbed it just before Tracy could blow it out. Needless to say, he let out a cry. We gave him ice, which he ate and all was well again. After cupcakes, Davis opened his 1 billion presents. He got everything from toy cd players and boom boxes to books and a whole new wardrobe. He was overwhelmed and delighted at the same time.

We all had a spectacular time. The trick is going to be making turning two as much fun as turning one.

Below are all the people in attendance at Davis’s party:

Papa, Mema, Warren, Grandpa, Grandma, Granny M, Papa Brant, Great Granny, Aunt Sarah, JoLanna, Callie, Auntie Kim and Uncle Brett, Zia and Gut, Felicia, Aunt Pat, Micah, Aunt Obea and Uncle Paul, Ayden, Rhea, Adam, Paola, Bella, Marian, Richard, Trinity, Shamara, Omega, Kathleen, Kira, Emma, Kelly, Kyle, and Cole

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