Look Out World

About three days ago, Davis took his first steps. I was sitting on the kitchen floor, and he was standing, holding onto the refrigerator. In a moment, he let go and took two wobbly steps to his mama. This morning when Tracy was leaving to go to work, he put Davis down, and Bobbie squatted in front of him. Davis took two more wobbly steps into Bobbie’s arms. He’s gotten really good at standing alone and balancing himself for at least a minute too! Look out world, here he comes!

2 thoughts on “Look Out World”

  1. So glad you were home to see Davis take those first steps. I know you were worried that you would be at work when he finally decided to walk.

    Can’t wait to hear what Tracy has in store for the first birthday party.

  2. It might be more appropriate to say, “Look out world there he goes!” Babies have short little legs, but they’re fast! You’ve seen those grown men in the mall chasing the two year old. You might want to invest in some running shoes.

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