Davis Hits the Beach


We took Davis to the beach yesterday. We just went to let him experience the waves and sand. We stuck his feet in the water and let the waves wash over them. He stood and watched mesmerized as his feet sank deeper and deeper into the sand.

Not far from the water, there was a picnic table which we thought would be the perfect place for some photo opportunities. We placed Davis in the middle of the table with a small pile of sand. He raked his fingers through the sand, lifted his hand to his mouth and licked. Mmmmm, he then sucked one of his fingers until he had removed every last grain. He then proceeded to try and pick up a handful of this newfound treasure, but Mommy intercepted it before it became an afternoon snack. So, sand was his all time favorite part of the beach. Coming in a close second were the seagulls and pigeons. When they flew past he flapped his arms, kicked his legs, and made squealing sounds. We thought for a moment he might take off and join them.

4 thoughts on “Davis Hits the Beach”

  1. How precious!! Tracy and Michelle, I’m so happy for you. He is darling. And I love the name, Davis. My oldest will be going off to college in a month!! It will be a blink and it will be you.

    Tracy – can’t wait to catch up with you when we get together after our family vacation.


  2. For B’s birthday Ashley got him two “onesies”!HAHA. One says “Caution, will eat sand”. Came from TARGET. Get Davis one.

  3. oh michelle, he is sooo cute!! he looks like the both of you! what a sweet little mouth he has!! i can’t wait to have this baby….it’s so exciting to see the change that you and tracy have gone through. you are great parents and chris and i cannot wait to see you when we come down!!

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