Ch-ch-changes (Like the Song)

When I found out I was pregnant, Tracy and I were in shock. We in no way, shape, or form were prepared for it. Even less prepared for it were our friends who we had assured we would never, ever, not in a million years have a baby. A couple of my friends and myself I think had actually made some sort of agreement to not have kids. But, it is truly interesting how things can change in an instant.

When I told my friend Kim that we were pregnant, she reacted by calling me a traitor. She didn’t know what to think. We were non-baby women and we were going to stay that way together. I had broken my agreement. Kim as well as myself worried a bit about how this whole baby thing would change me and our friendship. Would I be able to talk about anything other than the baby? Would I even be interested in anything other than the baby?

Well, low and behold, the whole baby thing did change our relationship, but I think maybe for the better. Kim and I began talking more than we talked pre-pregnancy. I started this blog and she was the one who pestered me the most if too many days passed without me making an entry. Kim was the one who immediately began sending baby gifts for this new person whom we had yet to meet. On her myspace page, Kim wrote that I was the one person who made her reconsider having a child (not children, but a child – just one). So, yes I changed, she changed, our relationship changed.

A couple of weeks ago, Kim came home from Savannah and we met in Conway to go to a few of the new shops. After visiting several, Davis had had enough and was ready for his milkshake. We took a seat on one of the benches in front of Bodega and as I fed Davis, Kim pulled out yet another gift for me – actually for my June 12th birthday. I opened it and inside the package was an ornament that read, “One Cool Aunt.” I replied, “Look Davis, Auntie Kimberly is still trying to be your favorite.” She said, “It’s not for Davis, it’s for you.” “Huh, I am one cool aunt?” I questioned. Sometimes it takes me a minute – “Oh, oh, are you pregnant!!!” I exclaimed. She was, 8 weeks. I was a bit in shock. She had been talking about this baby nonsense, but I had pushed it away thinking maybe she would have a baby in a couple of years. But, alas, the time for more change is now. So, our relationship is changing again. I guess she just succumbed to all the baby stuff – she caved.

Now, our agreement is that we will only have one child each. This is it for us. I’ll see if she holds up her end of the deal.

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  1. Wow, I have my very one blog posting!!! Speaking of gifts did Davis get his latest one??? I mailed it last week, priority. I hope it did not get lost.

    I have to say I thought this baby “nonsense” would not happen for a few years too! God had different plans!

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