Ducks and Butts

For the past couple of weeks, Davis has been saying the word ball. Everything is a ball. As of yesterday, Davis has added the words ducks and butt to his vocabulary.

We were out on the deck pointing out the ducks and geese to Davis. He looked at them and said ducks. We got so excited and encouraged him to say it one more time. He got all caught up in the excitement too and repeated ducks, ducks, ducks except some of the ducks were butt. We laughed until we cried.

Now everything is either a duck or a butt!

Davis Hits the Beach


We took Davis to the beach yesterday. We just went to let him experience the waves and sand. We stuck his feet in the water and let the waves wash over them. He stood and watched mesmerized as his feet sank deeper and deeper into the sand.

Not far from the water, there was a picnic table which we thought would be the perfect place for some photo opportunities. We placed Davis in the middle of the table with a small pile of sand. He raked his fingers through the sand, lifted his hand to his mouth and licked. Mmmmm, he then sucked one of his fingers until he had removed every last grain. He then proceeded to try and pick up a handful of this newfound treasure, but Mommy intercepted it before it became an afternoon snack. So, sand was his all time favorite part of the beach. Coming in a close second were the seagulls and pigeons. When they flew past he flapped his arms, kicked his legs, and made squealing sounds. We thought for a moment he might take off and join them.

Ch-ch-changes (Like the Song)

When I found out I was pregnant, Tracy and I were in shock. We in no way, shape, or form were prepared for it. Even less prepared for it were our friends who we had assured we would never, ever, not in a million years have a baby. A couple of my friends and myself I think had actually made some sort of agreement to not have kids. But, it is truly interesting how things can change in an instant.

When I told my friend Kim that we were pregnant, she reacted by calling me a traitor. She didn’t know what to think. We were non-baby women and we were going to stay that way together. I had broken my agreement. Kim as well as myself worried a bit about how this whole baby thing would change me and our friendship. Would I be able to talk about anything other than the baby? Would I even be interested in anything other than the baby?

Well, low and behold, the whole baby thing did change our relationship, but I think maybe for the better. Kim and I began talking more than we talked pre-pregnancy. I started this blog and she was the one who pestered me the most if too many days passed without me making an entry. Kim was the one who immediately began sending baby gifts for this new person whom we had yet to meet. On her myspace page, Kim wrote that I was the one person who made her reconsider having a child (not children, but a child – just one). So, yes I changed, she changed, our relationship changed.

A couple of weeks ago, Kim came home from Savannah and we met in Conway to go to a few of the new shops. After visiting several, Davis had had enough and was ready for his milkshake. We took a seat on one of the benches in front of Bodega and as I fed Davis, Kim pulled out yet another gift for me – actually for my June 12th birthday. I opened it and inside the package was an ornament that read, “One Cool Aunt.” I replied, “Look Davis, Auntie Kimberly is still trying to be your favorite.” She said, “It’s not for Davis, it’s for you.” “Huh, I am one cool aunt?” I questioned. Sometimes it takes me a minute – “Oh, oh, are you pregnant!!!” I exclaimed. She was, 8 weeks. I was a bit in shock. She had been talking about this baby nonsense, but I had pushed it away thinking maybe she would have a baby in a couple of years. But, alas, the time for more change is now. So, our relationship is changing again. I guess she just succumbed to all the baby stuff – she caved.

Now, our agreement is that we will only have one child each. This is it for us. I’ll see if she holds up her end of the deal.

8 Months

I took Davis to the doctor the other day because his left eye was swollen. By the time we got to the doctor’s office (prayed before going and in the car) his eye was no longer swollen. I know they think I am a nut. Anyway, they checked him and said he may have some sort of allergy. We did nothing, but they did weigh him. He now weighs in at 21 lbs. 14 oz. He’s really getting too heavy to carry up those stairs.

Davis is still getting around using the army crawl, but for the past couple of weeks, he has been lifting his body up and resting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Everytime he does this, I fast forward and see myself utterly exhausted from chasing him all over the house all day long. I know my time of laying in the floor and playing with him in one spot is about to come to a screeching halt. He is also beginning to try to pull up to a standing position. He even tries to climb my legs without much success. His favorite game right now is playing hide and seek and chasing us around the house.

Davis is also now saying “Da Da.” Tracy comes home to the best greetings. When Tracy walks through the door, Davis grins from ear to ear, lets out a squeal and growls “Da Da!” Such an awesome thing to come home to.

Davis is also now feeding himself these little puff cereal type things. I placed him in his exersaucer yesterday while I cooked dinner. To keep him occupied I gave him some of these puffs. Many of them ended up on the floor, but the rest ended up in Davis’s mouth. I looked over at one point and he had obviously become proficient at actually getting them into his mouth. He was eating one right after the other. He can also eat Ritz crackers, chicken bog, and beans. All of which is grabbed by the handful and stuffed into his mouth.

It’s been so awesome to be able to be at home with him and watch him discover and grow.