Davis Misses Atlanta

This past weekend we went on another adventure with Paul and Obea. This time, Obea was the pregnant one. Our summer trip date was to Atlanta. Since Paul and Obea are having baby number two in mid-August, they needed to purchase new furniture for Ayden. (Personally, I think Rhea – the new one – should get new furniture, but alas, the second child is the receiver of the hand-me-downs.) This need lead us to the Ikea in Atlanta. I am not going to say much about Ikea except that Paul and myself hate Ikea. For me, it has a lot to do with being trapped in a crowded store with ladies carrying big bags and bumping into me and being forced to walk through the entire store before you finally find the exit! For Paul I think the hatred for Ikea stemmed mostly from items being out of stock or discontinued and large buggy type vehicles running over his toes. So, needless to say, I don’t believe we will be going back to Ikea anytime in the near future. But, Ikea did get Ayden some new furniture.

On Friday night in Atlanta we ate some awesome Indian food at this restaurant called Bhojanic! It was fabulous. I ate till I was stuffed, rested, and ate some more. I still could not finish my food. Tracy ate all of his food and then commenced to polishing off my leftovers. On Saturday we went to this really cool farmer’s market. It was amazing. They had produce and wine and cheese and fish and spices and teas and so on and so on from all over the world. Upon entering the market, Paul and Obea went in one direction and Tracy and I went in another. Tracy and I had only made it through the spice and wine section and halfway through the produce when Paul and Obea came looking for us. We still had the cheese and fish section to explore. I probably could have spent another hour in that place. It almost makes me want to move there, just so I can explore and experiment.

Those are only the highligts of the trip. I won’t go into any details about the car ride except to say that when you spend 6 to 8 hours in a car together, you either have a really hilarious time or you hate each other. By the time we arrived back to Myrtle Beach, we were still speaking and laughing and singing the Poopie Song, so I think the trip was a success.

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