Everyone Has His Own Agenda

I am now into my second week of summer vacation and it is awesome. I absolutely love being at home with Davis. He has been waking up at around 6:30 AM, then getting into the bed with me and sleeping until 8AM. He is a fabulous nap buddy. He is going to be so spoiled by the end of the summer. This morning, though, he actually slept until 7, had breakfast, and is now napping in his own bed.

Tracy loves that I am home because he actually gets to spend a full 8 hours working without interruption. Davis was a pretty easy baby, just lying around, looking cute, but now he is mobile. For several weeks now he has been using rolling as his mode of transportation. Rolling like a steam roller. He would roll, stop, raise up on his hands, redirect himself and finally reach his desired destination. Well, now that summer vacation has started, he has decided to try his hand (and knees) at crawling. He has the strangest crawl though. He sort of lays his chest and face on the floor and uses his knees to push his whole upper body forward. It looks very cumbersome, but he can actually cover some ground pretty fast when he sees something that he really wants. I have to be ready and available to intercept when it is necessary. Such as when he is reaching for the computer power cable. No, no, no, doesn’t always work, so sometimes I have to pick him up and redirect. In just a week’s time, all this “picking up” has left my wrists tired and sore. That boy is heavy!

It’s funny that people think that when you stay at home you get to nap whenever or watch TV or just lounge around. What do they think the baby does, follow your schedule? Davis definitely has his own agenda that he expects his mommy to know and follow and be willing to adjust at a moment’s notice. Right now, his agenda is napping which does provide me the rare moment to relax without overseeing computer cables being snatched out or plants being turned over or fuzz being pulled from the bottom of the chair. Ahhh….

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  1. When Kira was mobile, I left one cabinet unlocked. It held our tupperware. I knew she could safely rummage around in there. I didn’t worry about the mess it made, and she had a hoot! I put in a few wooden or plastic spoons, and voila! instant entertainment!

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