Davis: The Conversationalist

It seems that days, even weeks pass and Davis just does basically the same things. But, then there are those days when all of a sudden he does this new thing right out of the blue. Today was one of those days. It happened when my sister and JoLanna came over.

Davis had been pretty grumpy all afternoon because Tracy and I dragged him to church, to the Bass Pro Shops, then to Wal-mart, then to Food Lion and finally back home. He is accustomed to taking two naps a day, but today, he had barely gotten one. When Jolanna arrived, she wanted to hold him. In his grumpiness, he whined and even arched his back – he did not want to be held. She put him down, but he did not want to be put down. Upon picking him up again he sort of raised up his top lip and lowered his bottom lip, showing us his gums and his two bottom teeth and one top tooth. He also simultaneously wrinkled his nose and began to babble a whole string of incomprehensible words.

We don’t know exactly what he was saying, I am guessing he was uttering complaints about us not giving him what he needs when he needs it. Up to this point, he has really only made one syllable sounds. Today he carried on a whole conversation with us. If we only knew what he was saying…

2 thoughts on “Davis: The Conversationalist”

  1. It will not be to long before he will be telling you everything that is on his little mind. Let’s just hope he does not wait until he is 2 yrs old to start talking like JoLanna. As you know, she hasn’t shut up since.

  2. i am flying to Wilmington Jul 19. I will be there a couple of weekends. Please come. Rhonda and Eddie, David and Patty are coming. I want to see Davis!!!, oh and you 2 also!!! ha

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