Floyd Farm and B & B

Last week was Harley Week here at the beach. Since we live so close to the action, and we aren’t motorcyclists, we decided to get out of town for the weekend. We didn’t want to go far away and we are in the process of saving money to get out of debt. Therefore, we decided that a vacation to Loris would be a peaceful getaway. Tracy’s dad and Patty were going to Uwharrie, so their house was available.

We arrived on Friday evening. Patty is the best hostess. When she plans for you to stay, the house takes on this bed and breakfast ambiance. There was popcorn and movies on the coffee table and notes with instructions for the remote controls and various electronic devices. In our room, there were mints on the pillows and more movie-watching instructions. After going to eat seafood at Adams, we came home, fed Davis and went right to sleep. It’s amazing how dark it is when you are in the country. The best we can hope for at night in our condo is a dusky kind of light. We slept soundly with Davis in the middle of the bed with us. The next morning we went to breakfast a Granny’s kitchen. Tracy had grits, eggs, tomotoes and bacon. I had pancakes and bacon. The food was served on mix-matched china that looked like at some time or another it had really belonged in a “Granny’s kitchen.” When I went to pay for our food, the lady at the register said, “Ya’ll aren’t from around here, are you?” Either we looked very out of place, or only regulars frequent this establishment. After breakfast we drove down country roads while Davis napped in the back.

Even though we have visited with Tracy’s dad and Patty numerous times since Davis’s birth, Davis had not officially been introduced to the farm animals. Once we returned to our “home away from home,” Davis met the dogs. We held him and pointed at the dogs and said, “Puppy.” He stared at the dogs, squealed and whispered, “Pu, Pu, Pu.” Finally, Mattie came and bravely offered to let Davis pet her. He obliged, then returned his “puppied” hand to his mouth. Later that evening, during farm animal feeding time, Davis met the horses. He squealed in delight at them all. When they all were put in their stalls, we visited Little Man. He looked at us and we looked at him. I blew in his nostril and he lifted his head, rolled back his lips and gave us a very gummy grin. Davis and I smiled and continued to stare. As we stood entertained by the smiling horsey, without warning, Little Man decided to sneeze. Davis and I were directly in his path. We got snotted. Snot flew everywhere: on my arm, all across the side of Davis’s face and down his arm. We learned not to stand to close to horses.

The rest of our time on the “Floyd Farm and B&B” was spent relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet. I don’t know that we have ever thought of going to Loris as a vacation, but with all the hustle and bustle here at the beach, it’s nice to go to Loris and listen to the birds and drive down country roads and smell dirt and freshly cut grass and look out your backyard and see trees and be reminded that yes, there are stars in the sky at night.

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