I Am 6 Months Old – Look What I Can Do!

Below is a list of all the things that Davis can do now that he is 6 months old:

  1. Sit up momentarily – he then falls to one side if someone doesn’t catch him
  2. Successfully reach for and retrieve anything that is within his grasp – this includes paper (he loves paper), hair, earrings, paci, and his favorite toys (the silicone measuring cups, stuffed blue puppy, and my stuffed goat which I got for Christmas from David and Patty)
  3. Get mad when one of the things he successfully retrieved is removed from his sticky fingers
  4. Sing ba-ba-ba-ba and ma-ma-ma-ma
  5. Laugh and giggle out loud when he is tickled or when you munch on his toes
  6. Eat like a maniac
  7. Land swim – this is his attempt at crawling – he lays on his belly, lifts his arms and legs and paddles like there’s no tomorrow – he then looks up to see if he has gotten any closer to his destination and smiles like he’s so proud
  8. Stick his tongue out
  9. Peek through the top rails of his crib to see if anyone is coming to rescue him
  10. Play peek a boo with himself – he likes to put things over his face and wait for someone to remove them – once the things are removed, he puts them right back – we have to keep our eye on him b/c this can be somewhat dangerous if he is left to his own devices

2 thoughts on “I Am 6 Months Old – Look What I Can Do!”

  1. WOW, i cant wait to see him. Sounds as though all is busy at your house.

    i will be staying with mother (your grandmother) in wilmington from July 20 – aug 1. I really would love for u to plan to visit.

    Of course i just want to see Davis
    (u can go talk) ha ha!! just kiddin

    There is nothing like a child to love.

  2. I’m just reading through some of your entries, smiling at them (and Emma playing soccer with my internal organs), and can’t help but think back to Kira at six months. That was a LONG time ago, but I remember her sitting up. I put her on the floor to play and was trying to lay her back, but she resisted. I let go, and she just sat there. I grabbed the phone and dialed Jonathan at work. She’s sitting up! She fell over after seconds, but wow! Her first steps were at a friend’s house after dinner. When she got her first, and only, “goose egg”, I called the ambulance! Thanks for letting me reminisce.

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