On this past Monday, Davis looked up into my eyes and uttered his first word – Mama!

Davis was laying on a blanket that covers most of our living room floor. We have to use this blanket now because he is rolling all over the place. Even one this big does not contain him. I was wandering back and forth doing laundry and stopping by to speak to him. At one point I stood looking down at him and said, “Say ma-ma.” Much to my surprise he looked back up at me and said, “Ma-ma,” in his deep baby boy voice.

I told everyone at school the next day that he said Mama and several people said if Tracy didn’t hear it, he didn’t really say it. Well, lucky for me, Tracy did hear it. And, it brought tears to both our eyes.

Davis is awesome.


Davis was dedicated on April 15, 2007 at Seacoast Vineyard Church. My dad and Mrs. Carolyn, Tracy’s dad and Patty, Tracy’s mom and Brant, Aunt Carol and Uncle Tim, Sarah and Jolanna, Juanice and Warren, Granny, Grandma Floyd, and Aunt Pat and Kevin all came to witness his dedication. It was awesome. Everyone agreed to be a Godly influence and help to him as he grows up. I would also like to note that everyone pledged to be there when he becomes a teenager.

After the dedication we all went to Sticky Fingers to eat. Once the eating was done, Tracy’s dad and Patty and Aunt Carol and Uncle Tim went with us for coffee at Starbuck’s. Davis finally had to leave because he was exhausted. We came home and napped.


Everything is new for babies. Each new day brings new discoveries. To them, I am certain, every discovery, even the little one, is remarkable and life changing.

I have been on spring break this week, so Davis and I have been making new discoveries and having new experiences everyday. At the beginning of the week, Davis, Tracy and I ventured to the pool. Before going to the pool, Davis had to be outfitted in swimmer diapers. I went to Wal-mart and bought the swimmers, got home, opened them, and found that they were covered with scenes from Disney’s Little Mermaid. Oops! Apparently, they make swimmers for boys and swimmers for girls. I was not going back to Wal-mart, so Davis wore Little Mermaid swimmers with pink trim. The first discovery was mine.

Davis discovered the pool. At first he didn’t know what to make of this new water world. He looked at Tracy and I as if to say, “What have you gotten me into?” After just a little while, though, he was thoroughly enjoying drifting through the water in his daddy’s arms. We finally took him out when his little feet turned into raisins.

Davis also discovered food this week. Squash. I smelled the squash and they really smelled a lot like Thanksgiving to me. This was one of Davis’s favorite discoveries. Up to this point, he has only known about milk, formula, and rice cereal. I imagine the squash was taste bud-enlightening.

I discovered that baby’s are messy eaters and you should always have wipes or a wet cloth handy during mealtime. I also realized that it is best to wash the baby after eating, not before. On the first day of “squash,” I gave Davis a bath right before I decided to introduce him to this orange delicacy. By the time we were finished, he needed another bath.

The end of the week brought one final discovery. Tracy, Davis, and I were over at Paul and Obea’s for Easter dinner. We were standing in the garage when Paul looked at Davis and said, “Ahh, look at that tooth.” “A TOOTH!” we replied. We had not even realized that Davis had a tooth. We knew that everything within reach had recently become a chew toy, and that a tooth would soon appear, but we had not yet made that discovery.

Davis is growing up so quickly. He has already discovered so much from what it’s like to feel the wind in his hair to realizing that peas really are as gross as they look. But, he still has so much more to discover and I can’t wait to be a part of the adventure that is yet to come.